All the girls in the Dallan Baumgarten Fan Club would do just about anything to see him at any of his performances so when we heard he was coming so close to town, we had to arrange to travel there.

Lakewood towing Company

As you will soon learn, this is how we would become familiar with the Lakewood Towing Company.

You probably know how cute Dallan is and what a great guitar player and singer he is. He’s so funny, too! He gets around so if you are hoping to see him in person, you have to pay careful attention to his itinerary.

When we heard he was going to put Denver in his sights for the new tour, we were absolutely thrilled!

We made a rough calculation and determined that the best way to get all the girls together would be to use the nine passenger 2016 Yukon SUV owned by member Nancy Fullbright’s husband, Fred.

You see, some of us in the Dallan Baumgarten Fan Club are a little bit chubby. Modesty prevents me from saying much more than that but I might confess that no one in the Dallan Baumgarten Fan Club weights less than 200 pounds so we needed a good car to get to the concert.

Six Girls, No Waiting

Our plan was simple. All of us were going to get in the front row at Dallan’s performance and then get him back to our hotel room for a post-concert celebration.

What we didn’t count on was blowing out the front left tire on the Yukon as we were traversing Denver. How did we get so lucky? Hard to say, but I’m guessing the girls’ added about an extra ton to the car and it might have been too much for the tires.

Thanks to Smart Phone technology, one of our IT oriented members had discovered the Lakewood Towing Company on her phone practically before we had already pulled off to the side of the road.

You see, pretty much all of us in the Dallan Baumgartner Fan Club have one thing in common. Sure, we all love him but our primary object in life is eating.

We couldn’t really tell you if a 2016 Yukon SUV even has a spare tire or where to find it so we were lucky to have quickly identified the Lakewood Towing Company to rescue us. It was only a matter of moments before the Lakewood Towing Company truck arrived on the scene.

The driver was fantastic! He was wearing a beautifully pressed uniform with the name, Lakewood Towing Company stitched across it. He bent over and found the spare tire on the Yukon and had the vehicle up and running again in a very short while.

It really didn’t take long before the girls became more enamored with the driver from the Lakewood Towing Company than they were fantasizing about Dallan Baumgarten.

On The Road Again!

So, we got through Denver in one piece but it was only due to the most super-hot and professional assistance of the Lakewood Towing Company.

We made it to the Dallan Baumgarten performance right on time and greatly enjoyed him singing some great hits like Tainted Love.

Our plans to kidnap him after the show did however fall through. He’s really quite an escape artist. I personally owe a debt of gratitude to the good people at the Lakewood Towing Company for helping us girls fulfill yet another in our series of efforts to personally enjoy the presence of Dallan Baumgarten. He’s the greatest!